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Are University Grades or College Grades Important?

If you are competing with others to get into graduate school or a professional program like medical, dental or law school, then university grades are extremely important. The top places will usually take only the top students from the undergraduate years. Some employers such as top accounting and law firms hire only the top students with the top college grades too. So, if you are pursuing fields that require high marks, you will have to maximize your university grades or college grades (do some research to determine if this will be your case).In addition to good college or university grades, some programs like MBA and law schools will require you to take specific admission exams (GMAT, LSAT). You have to score well on these to ensure that you will get accepted. I would advise you to take these exams as early as possible, perhaps during your summers. This is because these exams have high school math content like geometry, which you may have forgotten. The longer you wait, the more you will have to relea...


Tips For Working With a College Admissions Consultant

College consultants are still fairly new to the college application world, but they are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Because many students fear the college application process and they desperately want to get accepted into the college of their choice, they turn to these consultants for help. Essentially, college consultants are supposed to help a student fill out the perfect application while also giving them helpful tips on how to get accepted. Of course, it is easy to see why this has become popular because getting accepted into a college has become quite challenging. Getting a college consultant does not mean that a student is guaranteed to be accepted to the school of their dreams. There is truly no way to guarantee that. The best way for a student to get accepted to their first choice is to simply do well in high school, have extracurricular activities, and perform well on the SAT or ACT. It sounds simple, but it is obviously not that easy. This is why many students are turning to the...


How To Be Successful In High School

To be successful in high school means a lot more than just studying and grades. Yes, grades can be part of overall high school success but they are not the entire story. Here are some other important factors to know if you want to be successful in high school.Lifestyle & Personal Balance Required To Be SuccessfulEven if you put in enough time for studying to get good grades, you should still take some time to do sports or exercise. It's good to have a balance of body and mind. Like study habits, it's best to develop good physical fitness habits now because it will be darn hard later in life. If you don't believe me, just take a good look outside or in a shopping mall. What do you see? Lots of unhealthy overweight people, right? If you want to keep having a sexy body for many years to come, you have to keep physically active. There's no way around it.It doesn't matter whether you exercise through sports at school, outside organized clubs/leagues, with your friends or even on your own. Just be activ...


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